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Luvi Studio is a revolutionary Jamstack platform for developers to create, collaborate and deploy websites in record time. Get live production URLs for all branches and pull requests, and use integrated CMS to involve all company members in the process. Powerful, secure, and fast sites with your team in record time.
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The game has changed with AI-assist and integrated CMS

Luvi AI is a game-changer for text, image, and code generation. With our integrated CMS and AI-assist, you can create and manage content effortlessly while our AI handles the heavy lifting.

No more manual content creation, coding, or tedious image editing - AI-assist is here to help you every step of the way. Experience the future of content creation today and take your business to new heights.

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Build with your team quickly, and ship it in a record in time!

Build quickly with real-time previews, allow your team to collaborate with integrated CMS and deploy in seconds:

  • Build: Use your favorite Jamstack frameworks like Next, Nuxt, React, Gatsby, Vue, Astro, Flask, Hugo, and more
  • Preview: Make development a collaborative experience. Integrate with your Git repo in seconds and get automatic Preview Deployments for every code change
  • Ship: Deliver the best performance sites for your end users. Luvi deployments can withstand any traffic spike with automatic failover and global replication
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We run a swift development process. We’re constantly building, testing, and iterating. Pulling in Luvi so quickly and efficiently is massive for us.
Simon BrennstromBrennstrøm Consult

Serverless functions and microservices

Luvi Workers and Functions allow you to create powerful full-stack applications without a dedicated server. With Luvi Functions, you can introduce features such as authentication, forms, and backend services. Deploy server-side code to the Luvi network to add dynamic functionality with support for your app quickly and easily.

  • Supported languages: Node, Python, Ruby, Java and Go
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Collaborate, code and work together with live reloading

Luvi provides a full suite of collaboration tools to help teams code and work together efficiently. With real-time messaging, coding, code review, project management, and more, teams can stay connected and work together seamlessly. Additionally, with integrated version control, teams can see the history of their projects and revert to prior versions when needed. Also, you can integrate existing development tools, such as GitHub, to provide a complete development experience.

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AsterixBuild backend and frontend applications at edge
AsterixBetter collaboration with your organisation
AsterixBuild, preview and deploy anything in seconds
AsterixIntegrate with third-party tools and libraries
Build with any Jamstack framework, continuously integrate & deploy with your team
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Headless CMS


Serverless functions



Integrated AI-assist

Both Luvi Blocks and Luvi Studio have integrated AI-assist for the increase of your team's creativity and productivity

Image AI

Create images with a text prompt: backgrounds, photos, patterns, paintings, and much more.

Text AI

Get alternative text or create from scratch. Write blog posts and more. Text AI here to amaze you.

Codex AI

Create code from zero, auto-complete your code, or create re-usable components with Codex AI.

3D AI(beta)

You can create 3d objects with text prompts and use them commercially with your projects.

The problem with the conventional apps

Conventional web apps must constantly work on a web server and build content at runtime for each request. A continuously running server comes up with issues like; slow response times, security breaches, difficulties in scaling, and team collaboration.


Integrate with Luvi Studio

>_ npm install luvistudio
>_ luvi run studio

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