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Luvi connects everyone in the design process so teams can deliver better products, faster.

>_ npm install luvistudio
>_ luvi run studio
Build with any Jamstack framework, continuously integrate & deploy with your team
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Build frontend and backend apps

Use your team's favorite Jamstack framework with Luvi Studio to start building, or use Luvi Blocks for all your app needs

Luvi Studio

A headless CMS and deployment platform, from automatic API handling to built-in image and performance optimizations.

Luvi Blocks

Build apps from all devices with pre-made components, and extend with your team with no-code and low-code options.

Preview and test your app

Preview & stage apps at any scale with split testing, iterative migrations, canary development, and rollbacks.

Previews for everything in seconds

Get a live production URL that everyone on your team can visit. Also, Git branches and pull requests can have a live production URL for preview.

Share and collaborate made easy.

Avoid surprises by iterating with your entire team and testing from the perspective of your users on every platform.

Publish your app to the cloud

Deploy your app to the Luvi Cloud + AWS (100+ countries and 218+ edge locations) with one click.

Publish worldwide in seconds

Merged changes instantly go live on our global edge network. Your app is serving as close as possible to your customers.

You're in good company

Everything is handled for you, from SSL encryption and renewing to asset compression and cache invalidation.

Ahmet Said Kaplan - Decol New Media Studio
Luvi enables us to maintain our portfolio swiftly & efficiently. Its user-friendly UI allows us to add new web elements & experiences whenever needed. Working together in this way provides an effective workflow solution. "
Ahmet Said Kaplan
Decol New Media Studio

Integrated AI-assist

Both Luvi Blocks and Luvi Studio have integrated AI-assist for the increase of your team's creativity and productivity

Image AI

Create images with a text prompt: backgrounds, photos, patterns, paintings, and much more.

Text AI

Get alternative text or create from scratch. Write blog posts and more. Text AI here to amaze you.

Codex AI

Create code from zero, auto-complete your code, or create re-usable components with Codex AI.

3D AI(beta)

You can create 3d objects with text prompts and use them commercially with your projects.

The problem with the conventional apps

Conventional web apps must constantly work on a web server and build content at runtime for each request. A continuously running server comes up with issues like; slow response times, security breaches, difficulties in scaling, and team collaboration.


Integrate with Luvi Studio

>_ npm install luvistudio
>_ luvi run studio

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